Saturday, May 12, 2018

A Do-It-Yourself Cardboard Box Arts and Designs

Paper-towel rolls and appliance boxes can be transformed in various types of games and toys. So, before throwing them out, find out below how you can recycle them ingeniously.

Since the typewriter has already been replaced by computers and other gadgets, the millennials may not even know what it really is. However, transcend the barriers and just do it anyway because once they come to know what a typewriter is they would appreciate it. Use a rolling pin for the platen of the typewriter and instruct the children on how to utilize the label machine to form messages which they can attach to their memos and letters.

Puppet Show Theater
Cut and shape an oversized plain cardboard box to create a mini theater. Decorate it with colorful details and curtains – this will come out as an improvised stage that can be used for stuffed animal shows.

Train Cars
The kids will certainly adore the minute-sized cars that come with wheels made out of paper-wheels. The cars look great individually, but for more fun try hooking up several together in order to construct a train.

Cut a cardboard panel from a small box and shape it into a guitar’s face along with a cardboard-tube neck. Then attached some rubber bands to form the strings. And should a string break, it could be easily replaced.

A mini playhouse can be constructed by covering a big box with a fabric or color-paper. Improve the appearance by touching it up with adorable fresh flowers or a mail slot.

Appliance Box Barn
This calls for appliance or shipping boxes that are big enough so kids can play in it. Enhance the box by painting it a customary-red like that of an actual barn, and allow the children to play inside and pretend to be on a farm.

Piñatas are not only done for birthdays, they can also be made for daily playtime. Fashion a simple style by making panels from a cardboard box and adorn it with tissue paper. Invite children from the neighborhood and organize an unplanned party.

Doll Bunk Bed
Construct the bunk bed from two low and narrow cardboard boxes by cutting them down and putting on pretty ornamental cut-outs that would serve as the pillows for the doll’s head. Then fashion a ladder by using sticks.

To make a castle, use a box and cardboard tubes and cut them accordingly. And then decorate them with glitters and bright paper.

This whimsical look-alike dollhouse can be fashioned from several recycled materials as well as a cardboard. Personalize it with the names of your children along with their favorite colors and adding more decorative details.

Art Gallery
Do the simple frames by cutting a cardboard then beautify it with stickers, paint, ink and other ornamental materials. Attach unusual ornaments and a plastic figurine on the walls by using an adhesive, next enclosed it with the frame for an on-the spot work of art.

Flower Stamps
This is an easy stamp art that can be a substitute to finger painting. Snip the cardboard tube ends in into patterns, flatten and smooth them out to form a petal of a flower. Dip the ends in different colors and pressed them on the surface of a clean or recycled paper to achieve a stamp art effect.

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